Useful tools

Debug Android

You can debug Android with the Chrome Developer Tools.


Lighthouse analyzes web apps and web pages, collecting modern performance metrics and insights on developer best practices.

Chrome Dev Tools

Lighthouse is integrated directly into the Chrome Developer Tools, under the "Audits" panel.

Chrome extension

The Chrome extension was available before Lighthouse being available in Chrome Developer Tools and offers similar functionality.

Node CLI

The Node CLI provides the most flexibility in how Lighthouse runs can be configured and reported. Users who want more advanced usage, or want to run Lighthouse in an automated fashion should use the Node CLI.


Webpagetest enables you to run web performance tests on your site from several different locations across the world in several different browsers.

It is also possible to run Webpagetest from the command line. Follow the steps in this article: "How To Use WebPageTest and its API".

PWA asset generator

The PWA asset generator automatically generates icons and splash screens based on Web App Manifest specs and Apple Human Interface Guidelines. Updates manifest.json and index.html file with the generated images.